Hi, I'm Amy! I've been blogging for about five years at Creating Myself (link below.) I've also had an Etsy shop for a couple of years at Peace, Love, & Cupcakes. I've created this workshop because I love new friends and I love Handmade. It's lovely to meet you!
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so so so cute! and helpful. I love the packing materials step so much!


Such awesome ideas, Amy!!!!!!! Totally love it :-)

jenn h

I love the idea of having a set basket just for shipping supplies.

Another question off topic..how much do you think an initial investment of all the supplies (shipping, business cards, etc) do you think a person starting out should spend?


Thanks for the ideas....I definitely haven't got this part down...keep changing my mind!

michael ann

this is such an awesome workshop! thanks for sharing all your hard earned knowledge, i am for certain bookmarking this :]

Sarah D.

thank you for this post!
I feel inspired now :)

But I'm always having the problem with sending canvases with acrylpaint-how do I wrap them or with what, so that the color won't clue together with the wrapping?

wrapping machine

I love how you put so much thought into all of the little details! It sure makes the costumer feels special and unique! Gorgeous ideas :) It looks like you really love what you do!

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